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WP 7 Dissemination and Exploitation

The objective of this work package is to ensure the correct dissemination of the project results defining in agreement with the consortium partners and effective dissemination strategy in order to maximize the results and achievements of the project throughout both scientific and industrial channels The main objectives for this work package are:

  • Specify the exploitation plans of the project aligned with the market trends both as a whole and for each partner individually.
  • Create scientific contributions to the research community.
  • Establish and manage dissemination and exploitation activities with an external advisory board.
  • Actively participate in and/or organize events (workshops, seminaries) in order to disseminate project results.


Description of work and role of partners
Task 7.1 – Project dissemination [Leader: IFX] (M1-M36): This task will develop, review and update annual dissemination plans for the project to ensure maximum and visibility and impact of the project outcomes. The plan will target publication of results through conferences, meetings and workshops and presentations in similar fora. It will also target participation in EU events related to the framework programme and the organisation of CUMULUS events to present project results to scientific and/or business communities, including the offering of the reference implementation of the CUMULUS infrastructure as open source. The detailed scheme through which the CUMULUS infrastructure will be offered as open source will be established in this task. The task will also provide an official CUMULUS web site to share and distribute information about the project in order to promote the project in a wide cloud computing services community. For the same purpose, it may develop CUMULUS accounts and presence in general and/or professional social networks (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) following an investigation of the effectiveness of such networks in reaching the communities which may be interested in CUMULUS results. All partners will also operate a corporate communication (through, for example, newsletters, community sites, and RSS feeds) of the project events and results. Finally, this task will also identify and use key indicators for measuring the effectiveness of the dissemination strategies that will be used in CUMULUS (e.g., number of subscribers to newsletters and CUMULUS blogs and social networks, number of hits/downloads of CUMULUS material in the project’s web site).
Task 7.2 – Exploitation plan and market analysis [Leader: WELL] (M1-M36): The project exploitation plan will describe the Consortium and individual partner strategies. The exploitation plan will provide information about the potential results of the project and will define a proactive behaviour to patent them. The first step towards the exploitation of the project results is to clearly identify the project results and classify them accordingly to their commercial potential. The consortium will analyse the market in order to have a clear representation of its structure, its key players and their needs. The market will be continuously monitored in order to detect new trends and possibilities, which will allow the consortium to react to the market changes and adapt the investigations to the business model. The consortium will identify current and future competitors therefore outlining a comprehensive and comparative analysis of the project. Individual exploitation strategies will be developed after the user requirements have been clearly defined and realistic business models have been developed. The exploitation work will be focused on early adopters, in order to optimize time-to-market after the project end. Project exploitation will begin as soon as the validation model is operational and in parallel with the user test and validation.
Task 7.3 – IPR Plan [Leader: IFX] (M30-M36): This task intends to research and develop a fair and effective way to protect IPR globally while encouraging the adoption and use of the CUMULUS certification. This plan will help the consortium to make the most of the CUMULUS certification in commercial as well as research cloud environments while encouraging use of the technology by organizations across Europe.
Task 7.4 – Interaction with Advisory Board [Leader: FUB] (M1-M36): Interaction with European experts will be undertaken to ensure standardization assessment and planning of CUMULUS results. The objective of this task is to obtain external feedback on CUMULUS work/results by some independent academic and industry experts to steer CUMULUS work better and in ways that could make it more applicable to domains and organizations outside the consortium. The collaboration with the advisory board will provide recommendations about industrial practices and initiatives for the best exploitation of the CUMULUS results.