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WP 5 Infrastructure Design and Integration

The objective of WP5 is to deal with development of the CUMULUS infrastructure for generating, maintaining and using certificates for services in all layers of the cloud stack. To achieve this, the workpackage will create the design of the overall CUMULUS infastructure, which will drive the developments in WP3, and will integrate the components developed by WP3 and WP4 into the overall infrastructure. The definition of the CUMULUS infrastructure will be modular. It will also be based on industrial scenarios and requirements from the targeted domains of CUMULUS (WP6).


Description of work and role of partners
Task 5.1 – CUMULUS infrastructure architecture (M1 – M28) [Leader: ATOS]: This task involves the design of the architecture of the CUMULUS infrastructure to support the realisation of the certification model and processes defined in WP2. The design of the CUMULUS architecture will be modular, based on open standard components that provide services to implement the certification process. Two versions of the architecture of the infrastructure will be developed: an initial version to drive the development of core certification mechanisms in WP3 and an advanced version to reflect changes that became necessary after the implementation of the first version of the infrastructure, its integrated use with the pilot applications and the initial evaluation outcomes of WP6.
Task 5.2 – Components development (M13 – M34) [Leader: ATOS]: Task 5.2 is aimed to define the "low level" functionality of every CUMULUS components, develop the single component and define the QoS testing cycle for every components. It will define and develop the single Interface, API and services of every CUMULUS sub-object and clearly establish the integration procedure and the environments where all the CUMULUS components will be assembled and tested according to defined test plan for components and overall integration testing procedures and QA guidelines. This contains the development and integration of the Trusted Computing software for the creation for CUMULUS certificates based on Trusted Computing proofs.
Task 5.3 – Infrastructure integration (M18 –M34) [Leader: IFX]: This task will focus on the development and deployment of the integrated CUMULUS infrastructure and make it available for user can testing and validation in WP6. The CUMULUS infrastructure will be released in two versions: an initial version integrating v1 of the components developed by WP3 and Task 5.2 (M24) and an advanced version integrating the advanced versions of the components developed by WP3 and WP5 (M34).