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WP 4 CUMULUS-aware Systems Engineering


This WP will deal with the processes and mechanisms to use for developing certification-aware cloud services and applications compliant with the CUMULUS certification framework. In particular, the WP will define a CUMULUS-aware system engineering process allowing identification of certification requirements and representation of those into software components; as well as integration of mechanisms enabling these components to retrieve, assess, exchange and negotiate certificates through the use of the CUMULUS infrastructure. The WP will also provide adaptation of the CUMULUS-aware engineering process to support re-engineering of existing applications to make use of the CUMULUS infrastructure.
Description of work and role of partners
The activities of the work package are split into the following tasks.
Task 4.1 – Definition of CUMULUS-aware engineering process [Leader:UMA ] (M1 – M28): In this task we will develop a comprehensive set of methodologies, formalisms and tools that will constitute the CUMULUS-aware engineering process for developing certification-aware cloud services and applications compliant with the CUMULUS certification model, e.g., compliance with the CUMULUS hybrid multi-layer incremental model and trust framework. The process will be based on the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) paradigm and on the SecFutur process. The SecFutur process has been designed to support the engineering of security-sensitive systems of embedded components, and provides a good framework to be extended with the concepts and tools necessary for supporting the certification-based approach of CUMULUS. To carry out this task, we will perform a rigorous analysis of existing engineering and reengineering processes to identify individual features and characteristics that are well suited to deal with a certification-driven process for developing cloud software, and to define strategies ensuring the practical applicability of the CUMULUS-aware engineering process
Task 4.2 – CUMULUS-aware process adaptation for re-engineering applications [Leader:ATOS ] (M13 – M28): A major goal of the CUMULUS-aware system engineering methodology is to be flexible enough to provide support for re-engineering of existing cloud services and applications to make them CUMULUSaware. This strategic decision will have a clear impact on the market acceptance of the CUMULUS approach. CUMULUS-aware re-engineering of existing applications requires a specific approach with dedicated lifecycle and process activities that differ from those of engineering new applications. Given that, this task will be based on the results of task T4.2 and will extend/adapt the CUMULUS-aware engineering process to enable existing cloud applications become CUMULUS-aware and compliant with the CUMULUS certification model. The process defined in this task will be applied to the development of the project pilots.
Task 4.3 – Tools supporting CUMULUS-aware engineering process [Leader: UMA] (M13 – M32): The goal of this task is to design and develop necessary tools supporting the usage of the CUMULUS-aware engineering process in terms of partial automation of process activities to ensure consistent and coherent execution of the overall process specification. The specific tools and their functionalities will be defined based on the input of the tasks T4.1, T4.2 and T4.3. A close collaboration between activities in this task and activities of WP6 is foreseen.