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WP 1 Project Management

The objectives of this workpackage are to:

  • co-coordinate all project activities, ensure compliance with the project contract, description of work and quality plan,
  • plan and enable communication and interactions within the consortium,
  • produce timely reports on project progress, and
  • ensure the effective use of resources for the realisation of the project activities.
Description of work and role of partners
Task 1.1 – Communication and management infrastucture [Leader: FUB] (M1 – M36): This task will be concerned with the establishment of an infrastucture to faciliate an effective communication amongst the project partners. This will be based on the selection and customisation of a project communication and collaboration system to enable the planning and preparation and handling of project meetings, the management of internal and external communications, and the sharing of internal documents related to the management of the project.
Task 1.2 – Project co-ordination [Leader: FUB] (M1 – M36): This task includes the overall organization, planning, monitoring and control of the project. These includes activities for preparation and realisation of project meetings; collecting deliverables and submitting them to the Commission; maintaining communication with the Commission, project reviewers and the advisory board of the project to enable two-way feedback and to steer appropriately the project work; collecting, synthesising and submitting financial statements; and ensuring the proper function of the project boards. A significant part of this activity will be also the close monitoring of project work to assess potential risks and the undertaking of appropriate risk mitigation actions.
Task 1.3 – Quality assurance [Leader: FUB] (M1 – M36): This task will be concerned with the definition of the quality control procedures that are required for the proper realization of the project and the quality of the delivered work. These will be included in a Quality Control plan which will be developed for the project in order to ensure that there adequate processes and guidelines for maintaining the alignment of project activities during the lifetime of the project. A comprehensive risk management plan will also be included in the Quality Control plan and will be applied in cases where corrective action is required. Finally, this task will involve the identification of concrete progress indicators and the evaluation of project work with respect to them. The results of this evaluation will be reported as part of the periodic activity reports.