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Public Deliverables

Digital copy of public deliverables can be requested by email contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , specifying your name, affiliation, and research fields.

M1 - M12

  1. D2.1: Security-aware SLA specification language and cloud security dependency model
  2. D2.2: Certification models v1
  3. D3.1: Core Certification mechanisms v1
  4. D4.1: CUMULUS- aware engineering process specification v1
  5. D5.1: CUMULUS Framework Architecture v1
  6. D6.1: Specification of pilot
  7. D7.2: Dissemination plan report (1st Year)
  8. D7.5: First exploitation plan and market analysis
  9. D7.8: First Advisory board report


M13 - M24

  1. D2.3: Certification models v2
  2. D3.2: Core certification Mechanisms 2
  3. D4.2: Tools supporting CUMULUS-aware engineering process v1
  4. D5.2: CUMULUS Infrastructure v1
  5. D6.2: Specification of CUMULUS evaluation criteria
  6. D7.3: Second Dissemination plan report
  7. D7.6: Second exploitation plan and market analysis
  8. D7.9: Second Advisory board report


M25 - M30

  1. D6.3: SmartCities pilot
  2. D6.4: eHealth pilot
  3. D4.3: CUMULUS-aware engineering process specification v2
  4. D5.3: CUMULUS Framework Architecture v2
  5. D6.5: Initial evaluation report