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Infineon Technologies


Infineon Technologies offers semiconductor and system solutions for automotive, industrial and multi-market sectors and applications in communication. Infineon's Security business unit is market leader for semiconductor based security and system solutions with smart card security controllers. Infineon plays a major role in the Trusted Computing standardization work and establishes the necessary links.

Within the project IFX provides access to already existing trust technology and will take over the task to convert and development of an existing security chip into a small footprint trust chip and deliver the produced chips for the participants. Due to this customer oriented background, Infineon has a broad experience for developing, testing and integrating hardware parts (chips) as well as he necessary SW and how to combine them to system solutions.

Infineon is an active member of the TCG and contributes intensively to the TCG standards, using experience from its wide security background, esp. to the TPM, Host Stack (TSS) specification and platform system solution standards.