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Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB)


The Fondazione Ugo Bordoni is a non-profit organisation governed by representatives from public Institutions and Authorities, including the Presidency of the Minister Council, the Ministry of Economic Development, and the AGCOM. FUB performs and supports scientific and applied research in the fields of communications, computer science, electronics and multimedia, in order to promote scientific progress and technological innovation.
The main goals of FUB are: to elaborate and to propose development strategies of the communication area and to uphold them within national and international competent bodies; to support public administrations in solving, in an organic and interdisciplinary way, the technical, economical, financial, managerial, legal, and regulatory issues inherent in its activity; to provide cultural and scientific tools for the welfare and protection of the citizens and of users as well as to the market development; to promote co–operation and co–ordination with scientific activity of Universities and other research elaborate studies and research; to support education and training in the area. FUB also provides consultancy to public administrations and authorities in nation such as the transition to digital television mobile communications, broadband deployment plans, and the establishment of national policies for ICT security and critical infrastructure protection.
At the moment, FUB is involved in projects on multimedia digital libraries, information mining, Web 2.0, new generation networks, architectures and systems for logistical problems, infomobility, sensors and RFID systems, radio waves systems (wireless lan, wi-max), experimentation for the migration towards digital television, digital convergence, ICT security, critical infrastructure protection, multimedia languages and protocols, enabling technologies for future multimedia applications, accessibility and usability of digital platforms, distributed architectures and distributed languages communication languages and protocols.
FUB can rely on the work of 80 permanent staff that includes 60 research scientists, and on the contribution of as many associate researchers and post–graduate students.