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Wellness Telecom


Wellness Telecom (WT) is an Information and Telecommunication Technologies SME company located in Seville (Spain). It is a young enterprise with just 3’5 years of life. WT endeavours to offer innovative solutions using CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGIES at national and international levels. WT main specialization R&D&i areas are based on horizontal ICT technologies applied to numerous  action fields (health, environment, energy, smart industry). WT is expert in wireless/sensors networks management, open source software adapted to ICT solutions, and development of intelligent control systems able to interoperate with multiple technologies.

It also has experience in developing smart services over IP networks as well as, video streaming technologies. Wellness Telecom has experience participating in European projects. Currently has a CELTIC stamp and Eurostars project funded. It also has participated in FP7 proposals as coordinator and partner, passing the threshold in the evaluation reports.