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Università degli Studi di Milano


Università degli Studi di Milano (UMIL) is a major higher education and research institutions in Italy, offering degrees in all areas of science and humanities. The SErvice– oriented Software Architectures Research (SESAR) Lab ( that was established in 2003 is located at the Department of Information Technology of the University, led by Prof. Ernesto Damiani.

The SESAR lab has a staff of 10 full–time researchers and post–docs, plus a number of Ph.D. candidates with experience in several fields including cloud testing and performance monitoring, security certification of software/services, mobile geolocation and privacy, formal verification of distributed systems, empirical software engineering. Long-term grants from major companies, such as, Telecom Italia, Nokia Siemens Networks, British Telecom, fund several SESAR Lab's current researches.